This is us!
Niko & Lara

Marketing professional meets certified gymnastics, dance and fitness teacher.

Glad you found us :)
My name is Lara and as you probably already saw on the photo: FitLara is not a
In January 2020, my boyfriend Niko and I decided to start a business together.
Easier said than done... We thought about what makes us fun, what gives our life a meaning and how we can bring our strengths and knowledge together.
In other words: I am the brain in front of the camera, and Niko is the one
behind it.

My big goal is to inspire you with my ideas and with my passion for sports and
thus to convey the fun of movement. As a state-certified gymnastics teacher, I want to show you the diversity of the sports, fitness and wellness sector. I want you to feel goodhealthy and comfortable in your body and thus help you to more self-confidenceself-esteem and body image.

Unfortunately, content creation is only a small part of the YouTube business....
Niko constantly strives to improve his knowledge in video editing to create the
best possible user experience for you. Then there is marketing, taxes, website
design, cooperation negotiations, making girlfriend happy, etc etc etc ;)

However, after almost two years in business we can confirm 100% that we made
the right decision and we are looking forward to growing together with you.

Let us create a place of well-being for you, where you can fully live out your
urge to move. Whether it's a sweaty barre workout or a relaxing Pilates class.
We look forward to seeing you in an online class :)

Thank you for your time!

Lara & Niko